Global Health & Fitness in Warren, OH

Where it’s not all about the muscle… It’s about living a happier and healthier life!

Global’s diverse member base and friendly staff help to make a welcoming, fun, professional, motivating, family-like atmosphere for all ages. From Sports Training and Medical Rehabilitation, to Professional Bodybuilding and Competition Preparation, Global Fitness has a wide variety of members and a large selection of workout equipment, large free-weight sections, Aerobics Classes lead by certified teachers, Silver Sneakers programs, In-house Professional Certified Personal Trainers, In-house Massage Therapist, tanning beds, PRIVATE ladies only workout room, Professional Bodybuilding/Powerlifting/Posing Training and more!

At Global Fitness, your Health and Happiness is what is most important! Come see the world of fitness and let Global help you reach your goals! Call (330) 372-3601 or sign up online now!


Global Health and Fitness Gym Offers:

– Friendly Staff w/ a Family Atmosphere
– Large Separated Free Weight Section w/ Power Benches, Power Racks, Deadlift Area and more
– Large Section of Treadmills, Elliptical, AMT’s, Steppers, Bikes and Resistance Machines
– Aerobics Classes
– Private Womens Only Workout Room
– Silver Sneakers
– Optum Fitness Advantage
– Tanning Salon
– On-site Massage Therapist
– Competition Bodybuilding Training/Consultation
– Competition Powerlifting Training/Consultation
– Posing Training
– Certified Professional Personal Trainers
ROC-EN PRO Affiliation

Global Health and Fitness Gym and Aerobic Exercise Facility is the most fully equipped exercise facility in North East Ohio, offering both a full range of resistance exercise equipment and a wide variety of aerobics classes, which is why it has attracted such an array of competing amateur and professional athletes [who train here everyday], as well as middle-aged people, and the silver sneakers group alike. If you take your fitness seriously there is no where else that you can get a better gym workout anywhere within a 100 miles, at least! Both from the equipment, and motivation, standpoint this is the place to be if you want legitimate fitness results. We have a staff of professional fitness experts to help guide you through your workouts, if you would like to treat yourself to a personal training session. Call 1-330-372-3601 to become a member, and talk to a personal trainer today.

Typical Excuses for Not Joining a Gym:

“I don’t know what to do”
We have a staff of friendly professional personal trainers to help you get through a gym workout, safely and effectively. So you don’t have to be an fitness expert, just show up and ask for assistance.

“I can’t workout because I’ve got chronic back, and knee, pain”
Often the best therapy for pain is low impact exercise, and good circulation, while remaining inactive is actually worse for you than going to the gym is.

“I don’t like to lift weights”
That’s why we have a diverse line-up of aerobics class, flexibility, and dynamic movement classes to choose from including: Pilates, Tai-Chi, Bootcamp, Stretching, Kick Mix, Yoga, Zumba, Balance, Physio-Ball, H.I.T. Training, Kettle Bell, Spinning, and Silver Sneakers.

Call 1-330-372-3601 to get your fitness success story started today!