Lisa – IFBB Pro

About Lisa Lachowski

As a lifelong resident of the Warren-Niles, Ohio area, Lisa has built a strong client base within her over 25 years of experience, continues to expand her network, and strives to learn new and exciting techniques for every fitness level every day. Always an active person, Lisa began her fitness journey with aspirations in step aerobics in 1996, but her aspirations turned to reality when she opened her own fitness space in Howland, Ohio shortly after, teaching step aerobics to all strength levels and genders.

As a fitness motivator, master trainer, bodybuilding mentor and competitor, and nutrition planner, Lisa has soaked up all areas of knowledge from her well-versed fitness coaches and idols along the way. Lisa joined Jen’s Total Fitness in Howland, Ohio for six years in 2006 until their closing in 2012 when she was immediately offered the same position at their sister gym, Global Health and Fitness in Warren, and remains a current permanent fitness resident. Lisa teaches personal fitness as well as group fitness classes such as kettlebell, weight training, abs, Pilates, and many more.

Positive learning and countless success stories keep Lisa going as she works to mold her training exercises, approaches, and nutrition plans to each client’s unique skillset. In July of 2014, Lisa earned her perhaps most significant achievement when she placed in the NPC Masters Nationals, competing in the Physique Class A/45 and Over, where she was then awarded her International Federation of Body Building and Fitness Pro Card among other decorated bodybuilders from around the world. Lisa resides in Niles with her husband Joe of 26 years and their two dogs, Jagger and Ozzy.


Along with countless years of dedicated learning in the ever-changing field of fitness, Lisa has earned a number of certifications in personal training, group training, specific types of fitness, bodybuilding, and nutrition. Some of her certifications include Sports Nutrition for Peak Performance from Cross Country Education in Cleveland, Phat Camp with Olympia fitness champion Jen Hendershott, and a Level 1 Kettlebell Instructor certification from the Athletic Kettlebell Institute in Niles, Ohio.

Related Work Experience

Not only does Lisa hold her position as a trainer at Global Health and Fitness, but she also volunteers her free time to organizations such as Inspiring Minds, an afterschool program for inner city grade school kids, where she teaches fitness knowledge to the students alongside creator Deryck Toles. Lisa also facilitated a three hour presentation with State Support Team (Region 5) at Trumbull County Educational Services so that elementary school teachers could learn proper nutritional and fitness techniques for their students in 2012. In 2010, Lisa taught a general health and fitness course to handicapped participants at the Fairhaven School in Niles.


1998-Women’s Youngstown Bodybuilding/Lightweight (2nd place)
2000-Ohio Bodybuilding/Women’s Lightweight (2nd place)
2001-Buckeye Bodybuilding/Women’s Lightweight (2nd place)
2001-Buckeye Bodybuilding/Women’s Masters (1st place)
2010-Arnold Sports Festival Kettlebell Competition (1st place)
2013-Rust Belt Rumble Kettlebell Competition (2nd place)
2013-NPC Elite Physique Championships (2nd place)
2014-NPC Masters Nationals/Physique (2nd place)


Lisa’s mission is simple-to meet your fitness needs efficiently, safely, thoroughly, and comfortably, and to lend a helping hand in any area of fitness and nutrition. Regardless of your skill level, Lisa promises to teach you everything she can about what you’d like to learn, whether it’s training to become a pro body builder, working towards a total body and lifestyle transformation, or just wanting to tone up. Lisa will always work to the best of her abilities with a personable and positive attitude while making the most out of your time and money.