In our personal training department, at Global Health and Fitness, what we do is to help all people achieve their fitness goals, regardless of whether they are a beginner [intermediate, or advanced], and to feel comfortable in our gym to get fit in the safest way possible. We have professional exercise routines for all body types and levels of fitness [from novice/amateur workouts, silver fitness, to competitive athlete training]. Our certified personal trainers in North East Ohio have an extensive background in analyzing your body movements/posture and are more than qualified to assist you with performing every imaginable exercise with ideal form – in order to avoid any possible injuries that would otherwise result from repeatedly doing things “the wrong way.” Our personal trainers are also highly skilled at arranging the exact sequence of exercises to ensure that your body will be able to recover between gym workouts, as well as making daily adjustments – based your day-to-day activities outside of the gym environment. It can easily take decades of studying and training with even the best athletes to become an expert at human body motion, and fitness motivation, when your hire one of our personal trainers you will have access to both in a matter of minutes!

We have multiple Certified Personal Trainers taking New Clients! Whether it’s losing 10 pounds and toning up, or diving into weight lifting and bodybuilding competitions! Any of our Trainers have the qualifications to get you through any workout! Please call the gym at (330) 372-3601 for any Personal Training questions!


Full Range of Personal Training Routines:

– Basic Total Body Strength Building
– Specific Workout Routines for Women
– Silver Fitness Senior Workouts
– Physique and Bodybuilding Training
– Advanced Lifting for Sports Season Preparation

[Optional] Body Metrics:
– Circumference Measurements
– Body Weight Charting
– Strengths and Weaknesses
– Postural Alignment Analysis


Women’s Focus Areas:
– Glutes, Outer Hips, Shoulders, and Arms

Total Hips [All Four Sides]:
– Outer Booty, Upper Booty, Lower Booty, Hip Flexors, Adductors/Abductors

Specifically For Nurses:
– Focus on proper lifting technique/posture
– Use of legs instead of lower back [to lift]
– Cardiovascular conditioning & weight loss program


Chronic Injury [“Work Around the Pain”] Exercise Routines:
– Back Problems Workout – Anterior Core [Abdominal] Muscles
– Knee Problems Workout – Tibialis and Hip Flexor Muscles
– Shoulder Problems Workout – Deltoid Rotator Cuff Muscles

Upright Posture Muscles Workout:
– Posterior Deltoids, Lower Trapz, Lower-Back, Glutes, [Upper] Hams, Calfs

Shoulder Health Personal Training Routine:
– Wide-Lat, Anterior Deltoid, Rotator Cuffs, Partial Deadlifts

Core Stablizers and Balance Stablity Training::
– Lateral Deltoid, Obliques/Spinal Erectors, Hips, Outer Calf/Tibialis, Trapz/Neck


Upper Torso Exercise Programs::
– Chest, Back, Shoulders, Trapz

All Arms Workouts::
– Bicep, Serratis Anterior, Triceps, Forearms

Six Pack [Ripped Abs]::
– Upper/Middle/Lower Abdominals, Obliques

Legs Training Routine:: [You know you hate training your legs, but do it anyways!]
– Quadriceps, Hamstrings, Glutes, Hip Flexors, Calfs, Tibialis Anterior

* We also create custom personal training routines based on your unique goals and body composition.


Personal Training Clients::
– Silver fitness
– Middle aged population
– 20’s and 30’s age group [possible contest competitors]
– People getting in shape for the police academy, or military bootcamp
– Teens preparing for school sports and college athletics

Call 1-330-372-3601 to speak with one of our personal trainers today!