Personal Trainer in Bristolville, Ohio

At Global Health and Fitness Gym we offer a wide array of personal training programs to those who live in Bristolville and we accommodate people of all levels of fitness [and any age]. Whether you are a beginner looking to get your “feet wet” in the gym, or intermediate where you have been training at the gym for 6-12 months already and looking for a more sophisticated routine, even advanced athletes who live in Bristolville that are preparing to compete in school sports, physique, figure, powerlifting, or bodybuilding competitions will find our training programs indispensible.

Our goal is to give people who live in Bristolville a personal training workout that they can successfully complete and recover from quickly [in less than a couple of days], we believe that “results are built on self-confidence” and we always want to keep you motivated and energized to come back for the next gym fitness session. Versus an unexperienced personal gym trainer [who is typically in very good shape] will take a novice/beginner and train them so hard that the will be far too sore afterwards, if not crippled, and will never come back to the gym again [for the second workout] out of self-preservation.

Stage 1 – Initial Fitness Interview
This is the part where we will sit down with you at the gym, in our personal training office local to Bristolville, and get to know you one-on-one in order to learn what your specific fitness goals are, and any physical limitations you may have, then we can work to improve your strength and mobility in an informed manner.

Stage 2 – Workout Recovery Fitness Assessment
We bring you through an initial exercise routine conveniently located to Bristolville, typically starting with lower body, or upper body [whichever you prefer], and then wait a couple of days until we do the next gym workout to gauge how well your body recovers from the routine before raising the level of intensity. This is a key step to ensure that your body gets accustomed to our local Bristolville personal training sessions, before progressing forward.

Stage 3 – Learn Proper Posture and Form
Once we have learned your strengths and weakness at our fitness center and made sure you recover from our local Bristolville personal training sessions quickly, then the next step is to instill proper weight training form and body posture. In many ways this aspect is often overlooked, but is really the most important part of exercising in the gym. Using proper posture while resistance training in our fitness gym near Bristolville is actually the best time and place to fix any bad posture habits that you may have acquired, so that when you are not in the gym that you will experience less chronic back, neck, and joint pains (for example) because you will have reinforced ideal balance of the torso, shoulder position, hip flexibility, knee movements, and maintained “perfect” spinal curvature using weights. Proper form comes first, gains in strength and muscle size come only after this has been accomplished, and then fat loss follows close behind [because now you can continue to workout at our fitness center and burn calories, without fear of being injured by bad form].

Stage 4 – Advancing Your Fitness Program
As you get in better shape and become physically conditioned that our Bristolville personal trainers local to Bristolville will raise the level of resistance and keep presenting you with an ever evolving fitness workout routine that will constantly keep you stimulated with fresh exercises as you continually get more fit with each week of personal training. Our motto is, “you step through the front door of the gym, and we’ll take care of the rest!”

Looking to hire a personal fitness trainer near Bristolville? We offer 30 min. personal trainer gym sessions, 1 hr. personal trainer gym sessions, and 90 min. personal trainer gym sessions – all conveniently located to Bristolville, Ohio.

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