Luke – Trainer

Luke brings cutting edge personal training techniques and methods to Warren, Ohio, all the way from Los Angeles, California, where he was taught by numerous top [state and national] level athletes in bodybuilding, powerlifting, martial arts, sprinting and agility, aerobic exercise, physique conditioning, and weight training. He takes the most advanced techniques and applies them to help people at all levels of fitness [from beginner, to intermediate, and advanced] to accomplish gains in strength, muscle tone/size, and get results safely [without fear of being injured].

“What allows elite athletes to express their full physical power is exactly the same movement patterns that people just starting out can be learning [with less weight of course]. However, working out in the gym isn’t something for just competition level athletes, but instead is something that people can use to maintain their physical well being throughout all stages of life.”

As a designer of over 250 exercise machines, this gives Luke an advanced knowledge about how to use machines in the gym both effectively and safely to train the full compliment of muscles in the human body. Later this year he is publishing over 5 books related to cutting edge breakthroughs in human physiology, the molecular basis of nutrition, and biomechanical motion research [as well as many other health related and anti-aging topics]. When you work with Luke as your personal trainer you are getting so much more, you are getting a virtual physiological scientist who is on your team to help you gain strength, muscle coordination/size, improve your dynamic posture [which helps to reduce chronic pain], and he has a vast “bag of tricks” to work around any current injuries, or physical limitations you may have.

“I help non-athletes [and athletes alike] to utilize advanced exercise form to instill proper posture, and movement patterns, that almost immediately transfer over to everyday life activities.”

This is just one of the reasons why working with a highly skilled personal trainer is so critical, then you know that you are performing the proper movement patterns that will improve your stability and balance, where strength and weight-loss is an inevitable side effect of good exercise techniques.

“People think their training just muscles in the gym, but in reality we are programming the sub-conscious control of our dynamic posture and breathing.”

Luke trains all types of people in the gym, from middle-aged clients to the elderly and teenagers, as well as serious lifters, competitors in bodybuilding, physique, and bikini. Another benefit of treating yourself to Luke as your personal trainer is to avoid injuries by the way that we will make sure that your exercise lifting form is always ideal and the sequence of workouts is professionally arranged to prevent overtraining symptoms from occuring [such as pinched nerves, and “the flu”].

“Aerobic exercise was something that I was taught in pre-school and junior high school. Kids these days deserve to be exposed like I was, and then can benefit by having a fit future [where weekly exercise will be second nature to them, and an important part of their entire life].”

Luke was born in Germany, grew up playing football in Texas as a youngster, and then moved to California and transitioned into Cross Country [long distance] running where he became the team captain and acquired his initial experience motivating others to accomplish their physical goals [and was a regional course record holder], and also did Track and Field [where he still holds numerous top 3 records in his high school in the 1 and 2 mile]. In his early twenties Luke was a fitness model in LA for numerous years, making it on the cover of several magazines, and has been featured in ongoing fitness articles as well. While immersed in this environment he learned numerous techniques to sculpt the body [aka build muscle] asthetically, as well as functionally.

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